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  • Alchemy: The Egyptian Connection

    In ancient Egypt, thousands of years before the first Europeans began their quest to change base metals into gold, there already existed a craft-guild of Alchemists. Without the benefit of our modern science and using the most basic of technology, they were able to produce extraordinary artifacts such as the golden mask of Tutankhamun and other astounding achievements. What were their secrets? How did they accomplish such amazing feats which cannot be duplicated today? Join Adrian Gilbert in a fascinating investigation of Al-Chem: the craft pioneered by the Egyptians. Featuring renowned author and researcher Adrian Gilbert.

    Distributor:  Reality Entertainment  |  duration: 60mins
  • Alchemy: Beyond The Emerald Tablet

    While the collapse of the Western Roman Empire led to a great loss of sacred knowledge in Europe, the fires of Alchemy kept burning in the east. Many Greek texts were translated into Arabic and these inspired Islamic thinkers to further investigate the subject of Alchemy. In time, their writings filtered back to the west where they inspired an amazing poetic genre, often illustrated with the most extraordinary pictures. In this program, we examine this legacy going beyond Hermes' Emerald Tablet, examining how this movement obscured simple truths. Featuring renowned Occult and Esoteric Knowledge author and researcher Adrian Gilbert.

    Distributor:  Reality Entertainment  |  duration: 60mins
  • Dark Satanic Magick

    A woman finds herself alone in a room. She has no idea why she's there, who she is or what is expected of her. Slowly she realizes she's captive to a dark magician who wishes to use her as some kind of sex slave. She is forced to do bizarre and ritualized forms of Dark Sex Magick. Beaten, abused, raped, tortured to the point of death, the woman has to find strength in all that she is being taught. As time passes her strength and power in magic grows until she becomes more powerful than the master. The tables turn and the purity of her own ""free will"" becomes the true force of magic.

    Distributor:  Reality Entertainment  |  duration: 80mins
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